Dråpera and Ulrica Dúo present

Stamina Quimera - Before the Sun Exhausts it´s Core

Gothenburg: 20-22 oktober kl. 19.00, Teater Cinnober
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Stockholm: 24 oktober kl. 16.00 at Akvariet Unga Klara, Kulturhuset as part off Stockholm Fringe Fest (STOFF)
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About the show:

In a world governed by gold and money, people and actions are intertwined. One person’s relief over a cup of coffee, is another person’s toil, a physical and mental destruction. What is strife and what is yet another work out? Is it better to accept and endure, or is it better to offer resistance? The sun-singer with her priviliges seeks to rest away from the burden of her work. The blueberry-picker finds no rest. The fencer takes a big battle with the aid of the eagle’s power. The small parts make up the powers. The sun is finite. How do our actions affect others? How is the movement of the body connected to its struggle and resistance? What is resistance, is it struggle or endurance?

Contributors: Sofia Magdalena Eliasson, Artist ⧫ Signe N Hammar, poet ⧫ Juan Hernández, sound and perfomance artist ⧫ Ángela Hoyos-Gómez, sound and perfomance artist ⧫ Lina Järnegard, composer ⧫ Santiago Mazo, costume designer ⧫ Ingrid Nordahl, artist ⧫ Anna-Sara Åberg, mezzo-soprano ⧫ Amanda Flodin, mezzo-soprano