Ett ansikte (A face)

Ett Ansikte (A Face) premiered at the Gothenburg Opera Small Stage in September 2013.

A face is a contemporary chamber opera that processes a complex family history, a legacy that echoed through generations, as well as persons wanting to break loose. Time is simultaneous, scene room full of pictures. Images that becomes part of the story and the music. The mother and older returns while she was younger walking around the house and wish away. On stage: bird-daughter who has his eyes, the young mother, caught behind the window in a life she did not wanted, the unbridled elderly mother, who tries to get in touch with yourself and achieve reconciliation and the house, she has always been there, as seen but did nothing. The women are to each other, animals and furniture, to be used and farming. The music gets sound of scenography and movements. The voices continued in the saxophones. The sounds prolongs, filters or reinforce expressions.

The prerformance is a collaboration between Dråpera, Minda Fiskum; operasinger, Fia Adler Sandbland; actrist and Sara Sjödahl Callersten; pianoplayer.

Music: Lina Järnegard
Libretto: Signe N Hammar
Scen image och costume: Sofia Eliasson, assistent: Sara Erkers
Daughter: Anna-Sara Åberg
Young mother: Minda Fiskum
Older mother: Fia Adler Sandblad
House: Sara Sjödahl Callersten