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Dråpera creates music performances in the borderlands between instrumental theatre, performance and experimental opera. With an uncompromising artistic approach and a close collaboration between different art forms, we want to touch, change and push boundaries.

Dråpera is a Gothenburg based performing arts collective founded in 2011 by composer Lina Järnegard and mezzo-soprano Anna-Sara Åberg. Since the start, the ensemble has expanded and collaborators has been hired depending on each project. The work on Dråpera’s performances is process-based and often formed by a number of workshops where material emanating from a set theme or concept is investigated and explored through several steps. The methodology revolves around a reconstruction of hierarchies and an expanded collaboration between three main elements: music, text and action.



Välkomna till vi! is based on an interpretation of poet Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson’s essay book Röstautograferna. Open work-in-progress at Cinnober teater in Gothenburg on May 8th 2022 with premiere and following performances at Cinnober teater on October 29-30th 2022.
2022-10-29, 19:00 Premiere at Cinnober teater, Göteborg
2022-10-30, 15:00, 18:00. Cinnober teater, Göteborg
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Allt står i noterna, utom det viktigaste is based on two music pieces; Encapsulated; embodied II by Lina Järnegard and Tsutsu II by Rei Munakata.
Premiere at Atalante on March 9th 2019.

Stamina Quimera is a collaboration with Colombian performance duo Ulrica Duo (Ángela Hoyos and Juan Hernandez).
Premiere at the Leon de Greiff concert house in Bogota in April 2015 and with a following Swedish tour at Cinnober teater in Gothenburg and Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

Ett Ansikte deals with the theme of parent-child relationship using a libretto by Signe Hammar.
Premiere at the small stage at GöteborgsOperan on September 22nd 2013.

Identitet: Ett Drama is a collaboration with Ensemble Mimitabu where several music pieces are intertwined into a whole, opening doors to themes and stories.
Premiere at Sinnet in Gothenburg, October 2011.

Flykt is Dråpera’s first performance with an expanded ensemble and with libretto by Signe Hammar.
Premiere at Cinnober teater in Gothenburg 2010, and also presented at the festivals Nya Perspektiv in Västerås and at Stockholm Fringe Fest.

Och Kullarna is a solo voice piece and an installation that took place in the woods of Kalv during a pilgrimage at Kalvfestivalen 2010.

Dråparna finns II is a development of Dråparna finns.
Premiere at Sirenfestivalen in Gothenburg 2009.

Dråparna finns is buld on texts by Inger Christensen and is written for voice and electronics.
Premiere at Sirenfestivalen in Gothenburg 2008.

The Ensemble

Lina Järnegard (1979) – composer, founder of Dråpera and artistic director. Has participated in all of Dråpera’s productions.

Anna Sara Åberg (1983) – mezzo-soprano, founder of Dråpera and artistic director. Has participated in all of Dråpera’s productions.

Signe Hammar (1980) – poet. Has participated in Flykt, Identitet: ett drama, Ett ansikte and Stamina Quimera.

Sara Sjödahl (1959) – pianist. Has participated in Ett ansikte, Allt står i noterna utom det viktigaste  and Välkomna till vi!

Ebba Westerberg (1967) – percussionist. Has participated in Allt står i noterna utom det viktigaste and Välkomna till vi!

Malin Wättring (1987) - saxophonist. Has participated in Välkomna till vi!

Sofia Eliasson (1981) – artist. Has participated in Flykt, Ett ansikte and Stamina Quimera. 

Elisabet Magnusson (1978) – graphic designer/artist. Has created the logotype and makes program sheets and posters.

Additional collaborators

Minda Fiskum - soprano (ett ansikte)
Fia Adler Sandblad - actor (ett ansikte)
Sarah Riedel - voice (flykt)
Amanda Flodin - mezzo-soprano (stamina quimera)
Helena Wahlström - voice (flykt)
Elisabeth Jansson - horns (flykt)
Margarida Araújo - viola (flykt)
Stina Petersson - cello (flykt)
Ellen Sjö Sander - percussion (flykt)
Ulrica Duo(Ángela Hoyos and Juan Hernandez) - Colombian performace duo (stamina quimera)
Mimitabu - Gothenburg based ensemble for contemporary music (identitet: ett drama)
Ingrid Nordahl - artist (flykt, ett ansikte)
Stina Widmark - light (flykt)
Caroline Ramsy - video artist (identitet; ett drama)
Anna Forsell - light (välkomna till vi!)